July 29, 2008

Another Room?!
Dlhá Lúka, Slovakia

Well, isn't that annoying. A couple on holiday from the Czech Republic (in their late-20s) arrived by car just now, and are going to be staying in at the house. Apparently there's another room for rent off the stairwell leading upstairs (from the guest entrance area), but since there's a (locked?) door just a few steps up that we were never invited into, I just assumed it lead directly into the home's living quarters.

They've got a pair of bikes mounted atop their car, and will only be here a single night. The guy is speaking some rusty English, but certainly good enough for our quick conversation—not sure about his girlfriend though.

I asked his permission to see this mystery guestroom as they were transferring items from their vehicle to the room… which it turns out is everything our current room is lacking.

It's easily twice the size, painted in a warm red color. The living space has no bunk beds (like we're sleeping in now), but at least three singles and a couch (or was that bed?—I only got the briefest of looks). Since it's not on the absolute ground level and has a wall that gets the afternoon and evening sunlight, it's also sure to be warmer.

Mária was there too, overseeing their check into the room. She saw me sizing up the room, and knew exactly what I was thinking: Why the in the hell aren't we sleeping in this room?

Without prompting for an answer, she said something to me in Slovak, which I asked the guy (Peter) to translate. He didn't do a very good job, but said something about it already being reserved on Sunday, or something to that effect…

Knowing this room is there doesn't change the fact that I don't want to spend less than two weeks in this wonderful area, but it does piss me off that I wasn't made aware of it.

Mária's son (the same age as me) is going to be arriving from London tomorrow, and supposedly speaks English. She passed on negotiating a long-term stay with us last night, deferring talks until his arrival. I think our payment position has just changed significantly if we're going to be kept in the bunk bed room.


Later in the Day

I had Tatiana pry a bit for me this evening, and Peter told her that they called Mária today and managed to push past her "no, no, no, we're full" response with a plead that everywhere else in town was totally booked up. She agreed, but only if they stayed for a single night.

I'm not sure what's up with this woman.

Update: July 30

Mária's young niece showed up this afternoon while Tatiana was running errands in Bardejov. Her English is excellent, and translated that a Polish family is coming into town on Sunday (the 3rd) for their reservation, and she won't have room for us. She's also not budging from the 500Sk (US$26) per night price. She also said she couldn't help secure another room for us in the area.

I asked for a space heater for our room, as Tatiana and the baby have been quite cold at night, which she brought down. Maybe I'll ask about moving us to the other room as well, but I doubt she'd give it to us—just more sheets for her to wash.

Looks like we're going to be room hunting again.

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