July 31, 2008

Movin' to the Magistrates
Dlhá Lúka, Slovakia

With our days forcefully numbered in Dlhá Lúka, it was time again to figure out where we were going to be on Sunday. We really love it in these parts, but if we couldn't get a room for the right price, we'd be pushing onto Hungarian wine country.

Lucia, my helpful information angel, was again at the tourist information office, ready to assist. Tatiana wanted to bring her a box of chocolates for all the help she's been to us.

We explained the situation to her, and asked her to call my top two choices off their printout of rooms (requesting for a 4–7 night stay). Both of these locations were well out of Bardejov, but buses run often enough for us to make it back for Internet, bank, or food errands every two or three days.

We hit pay dirt on the call to the second home, located about 12 miles north of Bardejov, in the town of Chmeľová—just a stone's throw away from Poland.

Lucia tells me that the home belongs to the local magistrate (not a judge, but more of a town mayor), and that according to the town's most recent census, there are only 405 people living in Chmeľová—awesome. She also tells me the town's a Ukrainian enclave, which speaks a different dialect of Slovak than the rest of the country, and that his daughter is some sort of hit singer in the region (photo of her CD, on sale in the tourism office).

We were quoted a room price of 400Sk ($20.50) per night, which supposedly includes a things like a double bed, shared kitchen, and washing machine. Hopefully it'll work out.




August 7th, 2008

Howdy Craig,

So you are coming this way???? Working at the Bubble Hostel in Budapest . . . . but I have some friends at the Loft and could probably get you guys a room in their apartment if you would like. It would probably be one of the cheapest options in this city . . and I may be able to work them a little on the cost side of things. Let me know,

Vagabond Journey.com


Craig | travelvice.com

August 7th, 2008


About the only thing that would get me into Budapest right now would be a hookup from you. We're so in love with the countryside up here, living in a town of 400 where we're the ONLY foreigners — fresh air, visual freedom… fields of wheat. I can't imagine being in Budapest, Bangkok, or any other city above a population of 20,000 right now.

We're headed in your direction though. Our paths are sure to criss-cross several times as you bike and we bus and rail our way towards Turkey.

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