August 15, 2008

What on Earth is Going on in Georgia?
Chmeľová, Slovakia

Researching yesterday about Tatiana's entry requirements inadvertently unearthed the recent happenings within the Caucasus country of Georgia. This was on our travel path—we were certainly going here. And now? With Russia pissing all over the small, beautiful nation?

What a mess.

I don't read the news. I get no news outside of the few Web sites and travelogues that I subscribe to, and the blurbs my family brings to my attention. This is my preference. I've lived this way for almost four years now. I'm blissful in my ignorance of current events. My life is better tasting because of it.

If it's important for me to know, someone will probably get around to telling me. Hell, I wasn't even aware there was a black presidential candidate in the U.S. until late-January.

My days are entertaining enough without watching or reading network news covering the latest thing to have blown up, mother who killed her children, or viral pandemic. Pass.

So feel free to e-mail me if there's something news-related you think I should know—because I'm certainly not reading


The United Kingdom


August 16th, 2008

Hey pretty boy, mind the Ruskies don't give you the golden shower too! You'll be grumbling about the girth of their Kalashnikovs next. Can't wait to see your pics here. Hehe

The United States

Dan Delgado

November 27th, 2012

"With Russia pissing all over the small, beautiful nation?"
Talk about revisionist history. Completely forgot about the vicious attack by that nutjob in Georgia against the people of South Ossetia, didn't you?
I guess if Russia hadn't responded to that attack, you could have said: "With the Georgia leaders pissing all over the small, beautiful nation?

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