March 16, 2009

Covered Women Reveal Weak Men
Aleppo, Syria

Modesty, envy, jealously, and control. I believe these to be the four pillars supporting the covering of women in the Islamic society—can you guess which three deal with Muslim men?

Covered non-Christian women are generally the status quo in this country, though the degree to which such a thing is done varies greatly (and has become a causal point of interest for me).

A pair of Islamic women in their late-teens or early twenties. One wears a headscarf, the other in head-to-toe black, including gloves and full head wrapping without a slit for the eyes.

Some women opt for a headscarf that covers some or all of their hair. Some wear closed shoes and/or loose-fitting clothing to help disguise the femininity of their figure (obscuring their neckline, breasts, etc). Then some are on a more extreme level…

These women are head-to-toe in black. Some are wearing gloves and fabric that completely covers the face—not a centimeter of skin or much of a figure to be found anywhere—just a black, billowy phantom moving along the street.

One of the American girls I've been hanging out with refers to the near-completely covered women with only a slit for the eyes as 'mailboxes'. Most laughably insensitive western people, including myself, call them all ninjas.

I'm under the impression that the Koran says nothing about covering women, but that both men and women should practice modesty in public (likely to help reduce the sins that spur from temptation).

Who do you think is dressing modestly? Who do you think has a weak Muslim man at home?

But I believe it really all comes down to the Muslim men, and their rampant insecurity.

Insecurity, which manifests itself under the guise of jealously and control, is one of the weakest attributes that a man can display.

So, by that rational, I say that the more covered a women is, the weaker the men in her society that promote such behavior are.

Do you hear me Muslim men? The ones who cover your women from head to toe: YOU'RE WEAK.

There's a difference between modesty, and making your daughter or wife to wear 50 meters of fabric to keep other men from looking at them.

So Muhammad has said that, "…the adultery of the eyes is looking at [that] which is not allowed…"

Fine. Well, how about having a little effin' self restraint?

No? Can't manage that? That's because you're… that's right, weak.

Envy, jealously, controlling… all I see is weakness.

Get over it. Grow up and try learning some respect for the female gender, not suppression for fear of your inability to control your temptations.

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Hijab is the Arabic word for "curtain / cover" (noun), based on the meaning "to cover, to veil, to shelter". In popular use, hijab means "head cover and modest dress for women" among Muslims, which most Islamic legal systems define as covering everything except the face, feet and hands in public.

Along with scriptural arguments, scholars argue that head covering should not be compulsory in Islam because the veil predates the revelation of the Koran. Head-covering was introduced into Arabia long before Muhammad, primarily through Arab contacts with Syria and Iran, where the hijab was a sign of social status. After all, only a woman who need not work in the fields could afford to remain secluded and veiled.

That is to say, a veiled woman silently announced that her husband was rich enough to keep her idle.

The burqa is the garment that covers women most completely: either only the eyes are visible, or nothing at all. Originating in what is now Pakistan, it's more commonly associated with the Afghan chadri.

The chadri was created by one of Afghanistan's rulers trying to stop anyone from seeing his wives' faces. He came up with the chadri, which became a sign of an upper class citizen; however, as times changed, the new government decided that chadris weren't modern enough and banned them. The upper class people then gave them to their servants. (The chadris in those days were made out of silk and the mesh at the front was lace.)

Before the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the chadri was infrequently worn in cities. But during their rein, Taliban doctrine required women to wear of a chadri in public. Still today, bands of extremist Islamic men can be found running around tossing acid on the faces of (attractive) women who opt not to cover their faces.

Some contemporary Muslims take a relativist approach to hijab. They believe that the commandment to maintain modesty must be interpreted with regard to the surrounding society. What is considered modest or daring in one society may not be considered so in another. It is important, they say, for believers to wear clothing that communicates modesty and reserve in the situations in which they find themselves.

But on the other side of the coin there's always extremity. I hear there's currently some cleric going around in Saudi Arabia saying the women's eyes, with all their makeup, are too sensual and provocative. He's advocating that women should wear a patch to cover one of their eyes to reduce this sinful effect!

…An eye patch!!




April 8th, 2009

That eye patch thing its a joke right??? please tell me its a joke…
and i thought latin man were controlling…

Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Craig |

April 8th, 2009

Maya, dead serious.

The United States


April 8th, 2009

yes. I've always felt that it would make much more sense to lock up men's penises (chastity belt!) since that seems to be the real issue - weak men indeed.

From my experiences in Morocco, I spoke to many local women that preferred the shapeless dress and hijab to the slothering repulsive comments and noises the men would make on the streets. In a lot of ways the modesty became a protection against that kind of harassment. It was hard to experience and witness as a westerner. I came to respect the Moroccan women that did choose to cover - as it is their choice - but still couldn't help but feel that the cause of that choice was the disgusting behavior of some Moroccan men.



July 13th, 2010

Do you ask permission to take pictures of these women who like to keep their beauty for their husbands and not everyone who has eyes?


Craig |

July 13th, 2010

Abullah got to this page by searching for "Muslim toes" on Bing…

The United Kingdom


December 7th, 2010

sorry dont agree with this artcile, it is written poorly and based you own personal warrants and opinions. ALL men have the desire to see flesh of a women, its our nature and if anything mostly women who are attacked are non muslim women who are wearing tight clothing revealing ornements or even small clothing. Allah swt has installed in us practicing men that we do not wish for others to look at our wives or women in such manner. Nor should we look at other women. Non muslim men are mostly responsible for approaching women and so forth. Its called Desire(NAFS) every human being has it and islam teaches us to suppress it. Just look at MTV…soceity accepts a women to dance with nothing on with random men. We do not support this.

Non muslim women happily walk on the street wearing not much and in soceity it is accepted. But we muslims do not accept that for our mothers or sisters , Wives etc.

I think the non muslim women are jealous and envious because women covering in hijab and burka are much more respected and never bothers by men.

Not that us muslim men are weak but we do not need our women to look sexy all the time. Muhammed pbuh married a women who was much older then him…he didnt marry her for his sexual desires. To be honest i just think these types of artciles just demonstrate the weakness of the author… not us good muslim men and women.



September 29th, 2011

Abdul ah & Majid : hahahahahahahaha (for your speech about respect and as for those pictures you cant even see the women so what permission did one need? From the women/ man wearing it or from the burqua whose picture has been taken)
it's really sad for the women of your country that the men think this way… If you want women to be covered why don't the men cover themselves too? What about the temptation for women? Or is it assumed we have no desires just because we can control our animal instincts better? ( it's called evolution by the way something I think you've missed)

The United States


March 5th, 2012

The covering of women may have different origins than you think… Consider the books of enoch to which the bible refers… the books of enoch were written well before new testament times and before that were passed down orally to the people in that part of the world. whether they are truth or not is irrelevant, middle easterners definitely did regard them as true at one time. in the book of corinthians some want to cover women to keep the angels from lusting after them, to which paul replies that "we have no such custom in the church" yet this passage has itself been used to cover christian women as well.


Ali Shah

April 8th, 2012

SubhanAllah! Muslim women cover themselves by choice, look at the pictures, one of the young women isn't wearing veil and gloves, the other one has covered herself from head to toe in black dress. MashAllah my wife wear the same burka everyday. We live in Lahore, Pakistan, it is very hot during the months of May till September, it is very humid, but she doesn't bother and she has been wearing it for 6 years (since she was just 13) and living with her parents, so I didn't force her to do but she has her own choice, now I can't force her not wear it. She works in women shopping centre, but sometimes men also comes there, so she never takes it off, even the gloves and shoes comes off when she gets home!

Apart from religious and spiritual reasons, there are some other reasons too. like my wife has even skin tone; her hands and feet are equally fair skinned as her face and upper arms! And the most important thing, only I can see her beautiful body, nobody even knows her complexion!



January 19th, 2016

Allah gave women their beauty and their brains. For men to say it is wrong and must be covered and controlled (by men) is sinful.

Almost all women in western and eastern cultures exercise a level of modesty appropriate for their community.

I agree with the author that covering and control of women shows significant insecurities and weaknesses in the men from that community.

As we would say in Australia to men who are weak and insecure, "grow a pair"

It is NOT your choice to make!

The United States


February 8th, 2016

You're under the impression the Qur'an doesn't say women are to cover? If you've read it you would know there are guidelines found within that say women are to cover everything but their hands and face. It's not open for debate, it's the word of Allah.

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