March 14, 2009

Narrow Syrian Alley Truck Traffic
Aleppo, Syria

This city sometimes feels like a labyrinth of khaki-colored stone. Narrow passages that you'd not think capable (or appropriate) of supporting vehicular traffic, do. If it's not a truck, it's a motorbike. If it's not a motorbike, it's a donkey. Not a donkey, then it's probably a man struggling with an oversized cart.

There's a particular breed of trucks in this city that I haven't seen before. The cabins are small, barely larger than the men that could occupy them, and they're generally pretty stout little vehicles.

In the video below, you'll see a common scene encountered in these parts: That of man versus machine versus machine in a narrow alley. I film my buddies squeezing into an alcove to allow two of these little trucks passing each other to inch by in the alleyway. (Then one of the guys jumps on the back of the truck for fun as the driver hits the gas)

( video: Truck Traffic in Narrow Syrian Alley )

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