July 16, 2007

Interview with Radio Nacional de España
Nong Khai, Thailand

The timing was just a little off to be interviewed by phone for a program on the National Radio of Spain.

Short Notice

Dear Craig

I am writing to you from RED BABEL, a radio show on travels and cyberculture by the National Radio of Spain (like the BBC). Our program tomorrow will be devoted to solving connectivity problems (phone, pc, pda,…email & blogging and so on) while traveling abroad. We would be very interested and honored if you could participate as guest over the phone. The program is broadcast tomorrow 10-12 Spanish Time and also on the web via the main page of RNE. I read in your blog that your were thinking of writing about Internet café prices from country to country… we would like to hear of any adventurous experiences you have about how you connect yourself when abroad.

I will be looking forward to your reply to be able to organize the phone connection with you wherever you are at this moment.

Best wishes and thanks a lot for your help,


My Response

Hello Ana,

Thank you so much for the invitation! I'm sorry I received it a few days too late, as I was away from e-mail, on an island in the Gulf of Thailand when it hit my inbox.

As a technologist and traveler, I would've loved to have contributed to the program—it's a shame I missed it. Do you have a transcript or audio recording of the session that I might be able to read/listen to?

Please feel free to contact me again if you have future programming that I can chime in on.

All the best,

//craig in thailand



July 19th, 2007

Hello Craig,

I spent four days talking with Rolf Potts when he was in Ranong, Thailand.

Writers like Rolf Potts contact the Radio or TV directly, offer to be interviewed. In this way they control who interview them and who they write for, Rolf more or less hooked up with the writer who did the Lonel Planet Thailand and then they were part of Salon.com. etc.

Be careful, if you get on SPANISH radio, you will may get your label as being the South American Spanish writer.

You need to choose the type of writer you wish to be, or the Media will label you and you will never leave that label unless you write something that somehow is bigger than.

I am under the Hobo label, I will not be asked to write for Conde Nast, Rolf tries very hard to get into this type of magazine by writing in a style that they want.

The media takes, they do not give opportunities.

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