May 21, 2007

Mental Images from Music
Ranong, Thailand

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a song that you start to imagine a scene in your head? Sometimes I'm moved in such ways; most recently during my recent bus travels.

Dad looped me into an NPR story about a pair of (acoustic guitar) musicians who've got a Latin sound, with an Irish twist. I was intrigued, and after listening to samples, got the CD (Rodrigo y Gabriela).

I like lot of songs in this release, but the mental images come flooding in from track two, Diablo Rojo. The song was stuck in my head, as were the images. The only way I could sleep was to write them down. And now, for some reason, I feel like sharing.

But you require the music to understand, and the music I will provide. Click here to download the song, then read along with it playing. My MP3 player counts down the minutes and seconds remaining, so that's why it's written as such. Hopefully you've got something that will let you do the same.

If you like the song, by all means get the CD; it's great.

Diablo Rojo—The Red Devil


a dim, crowded room.
cocktails and wandering eyes.

theirs meet by chance.
a spark.


he carefully walks through the crowd,
drawn to her.

she notices,
keeping her composure.
butterflies in her stomach.




he's talking to her now,
it almost doesn't matter what he's saying.
an exchange of smiles.


he moves closer.
she can smell him.
his conversation is genuine.
her desire growing.


suddenly she leans back,
clever remarks thrown back at him,
attempting to keep in control.

she's in control,


then he touches her…
a shared rush.

he wants to do it again.
she wants him to it again.


his presence is strong,
their connection certain.

he moves closer,
on her other side now.
more words.


the room is full,
the couple anonymous.
there's a dance floor.
it's waiting for them.


he asks her to dance.

she puts her drink down,
she hopes he moves as well as he looks.


making their way through the crowd,
her hand in his.

they're on the dance for now,
close to each other—
chest to chest.

Feet and hips begin to move.


a spin!
a blur of skirt and skin.
fire on the dance floor.

fire between them.


slower now…

taking their time,
lost in the moment.
the perfect moment.


his face draws closer,
lips nearly touching hers.
she can feel him.


the tension is building—

the crowd disappears,
just the two of them now.

her eyes are closed,
his hands exploring her body.
she moans.


the scene flashes—
a bedroom.

clothes torn off.


position changes,

and then,
just before climax…


she's pulled back into reality,
her waking dream over.


he's approaching her again,
for the first time.

eye contact through the crowd,
smiles on their faces.

he's talking.
she likes this one.


she grabs his hand.
he puts down his drink.

they're moving through the crowd.

the dance floor is waiting—
maybe more.


fade out…

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