February 9, 2006

Almost at Sea
Scotland Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Trouble with the head sails delayed our departure from Chaguaramas by five hours, resulting in an overnight stay in Scotland bay (a few miles up the coast with a good position to launch from the next morning).

Jakob attempting to fix problems atop the 75+ foot mast of the Odessa

The last week I've been repeating in my head, "I want to be in Grenada. Get me out of Chaguramas. Shit… What's not working now?!" Departure was scheduled for the 8th, but the anchor broke and Andy left. Then it was set for this morning, but important sail shackles had been misplaced and then Bill and I ended up having to hoist Jakob up the 75+ foot mast to fix new and old problems. Sometimes I think Bob Vila would love this boat. It was amazing when I finally got to see the sail up—I could taste the a new country it was so close.

We motor-sailed up the coast into Scotland Bay this afternoon—dolphins playing with the bow of the Odessa as we pushed into the main channel. There were a couple of other boats anchored there, also intent on sailing for Grenada the next morning.

I'm still not sure what the deal is with the dropping of massive amounts of anchor chain. The captain looks for around 35-40 feet of water depth and drop over 160 feet of chain. I understand not wanting to drag the anchor, but doesn't pulling chain along the bottom have the same undesired affect?

Tomorrow morning we wake up early, and I can finally watch this country disappear into the horizon.



February 12th, 2006

Are you sure you shouldn't have chosen the other boat? Good luck mister man!

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