January 22, 2006

Trinidad and Tobago
Crown Point, Trinidad and Tobago

After spending a night in the Port-of-Spain, Rose and I took a ferry north from Trinidad to the smaller, sister island of Tobago.

It's off how many of the conversations you have with others here involve their experiences with crime on the island(s), or their perceptions of it. With everyone talking about it, it's hard to ignore. Stories of a dead body on the roadside, a stabbing in a nightclub the week prior, and warnings of muggings and overly aggressive men towards women are commonplace, but aside from that it's hard not to enjoy the interesting combination on England and Jamaica here.

English is the local language on these islands, although sometimes it's spoken with such a unique accent that you can only identify a few words of the sentence—an entertaining task.

Tobago Street Scene

Andy, the hobotraveler, arrived a day after I did, and picked up a room at our guest house in Crown Point. He's a smart, savvy, individual with great stories and insight that only prolonged amounts of life/travel abroad can provide. If I had a laptop with me, it would seem that he'd be happy to fold me into his operations.

After speaking with a local, it sounds like oil and gas constitute the country's major economic resource. I wonder if it's true that 75% of the natural gas in the United States does in fact come from Trinidad.

I'm not sure I could strongly recommend Tobago as a vacation destination, but from a cultural perspective this place has been neat to experience so far.

Currently, I'm trying to explore the option of getting aboard a boat headed south towards Brazil… Carnival is only a few weeks away!



January 25th, 2006

It's been fun hearing about your travels. If it keeps going this week, we will have to change our bets from five months out a little longer :) Happy Travels!

Trinidad and Tobago

Craig | travelvice.com

January 27th, 2006

Thanks, it's been great writing them for you to read… but who is this? You didn't leave a name anonymous! :)

Updates to come soon, I'm working hard to get on a boat!


January 30th, 2006

hello craig!! see youre doing more that great/what an adventure? dominican replublic oscar say hi! just fallow youre dream and you woul be happy for ever good luck hey call me….loida

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