March 9, 2009

200 Nights of Continuous CouchSurfing
İskenderun, Turkey

Previously: 100 Nights of Continuous CouchSurfing.

Tonight is my 200th night of uninterrupted CouchSurfing. For over six months 28 hosts have shared their lives, stories and living spaces with me, spanning from northwest Hungary to southeast Turkey.

All of our hosts, save for the last eight, were 'surfed in the company of my fiancée our infant son—the youngest CouchSurfer most anyone we encountered is likely to meet.

100 Nights, 16 Beds

For your enjoyment, a chronological collection of the sleeping spaces that I've had since the 100th night anniversary last November. Thanks again to Mariyana, Silviya & Peter, Ivan & Nelly, Georgi, Neşe, Hakan, Cihan, Bülent, Timur, Osa, Eyüp, Onur, Engin, Hasan, Vedat, and Jamal:


The United States


March 29th, 2009

hey, came across your site while searching for an economical way to get to Aguas Calientes. thanks for the great tips! have also been reading other posts and enjoy them a lot (well, except for the one on vietnam — i'm vietnamese — but whatever, little point in explaining when you've already firmly made up your mind). anyways, just want to say that i love your site, delighted to find out that you're also a CSer. Have fun on the road with your family (?).

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