February 10, 2009

A Gorgeous Glimpse of Kemer
Kemer, Turkey

Kemer's off-season weather is particularly fickle thing. One minute it'll be sunshine, the next it'll be hailing. But today the beauty was holding steady, and such it warranted a good walk around town.

It's really amazing how saturated the city is with hotels, and how nearly each and every one of them are empty, dirty, and accented by an unfilled pool of debris. The tourist season kicks off in May (or April at best) in these parts, and February is apparently a far cry from the time when things need to be visually up to par.

Aimlessly wandering around the city I happened upon a rather remote entrance to one of the Club Med's operating along this stretch of coastline. At first, I thought it was some kind of military installation (with the wooded surroundings, fencing and imposing guard station). But strolled up and had a bunch of laughs with a group of guys just hanging out there.

Club Med's empty ocean water pool

They said I couldn't wander around the grounds, but after we drank some tea together and talked about some hot 19-year-old American girl from Arizona that was working there last season, they eventually called up a security guard inside the complex to keep me company and explain the place as I walked around the empty facility.

I'm told by the staffers that mostly French (some 60%) and Germans stay at this Club Med, with (a tremendous amount of) Russians opting to stay at the accommodations in town.

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