January 25, 2009

About Turkish Men and Women
Bornova, Turkey

"Turkish men know only three things: politics, soccer and girls", said an entertaining twenty-something Turkish guy to me the other day.

But I'd probably add one more thing to that generally accurate list: premature balding. The vast, vast majority of men in their late-twenties sport the hairlines of what you'd expect to see on Caucasian guys two or three decades their senior.

Onur and Arzu sandwiching another (rather cute) Turkish girl that I just refer to as 'Princess', as she's certainly the type.

Onur has this vast collection of female friends that keep making appearances at the apartment, or joining us for drinks. I finally got around to telling a pair the quote about Turkish men (above), and asked the two, "What do Turkish girls know?"

Their reply: "Shopping, shopping, shopping!"

Most Turkish women in their twenties (here in the western part of the country) have petite, athletic frames—nice bodies with tight butts and small cup sizes. I had a friend tell me the (larger) nose thing was off putting for him. Many are certainly nice to look, especially since the parts of the country I've been seeing are quite cosmopolitan.

But there's something off. I obviously can't speak from experience, and I might be wrong on this, but I get the distinct feeling Turkish women are just terrible in bed. I've asked local men that've had experiences with foreign women domestically and abroad, and haven't yet found anyone to refute my gut feeling. I think there's a serious 'mossy log' issue here.




March 13th, 2009

Sweetie, you must know… a woman is as good as the partner lead her to be… So i am guessing Turkish men do not know how to play their cards… you cant light a fire with wet matches… the action and reaction law…

The United States


September 10th, 2009

Turkish men are great in bed. My bf is romantic, sensitive and very keen to making me finish first. I am a believer :)



December 9th, 2010

I'm a Turkish female and according to my past partners - it goes off. To the point a one night stand tracked me on a social network and asked to marry me! A past bed buddy that calls just to see how i am and ask me out for dinner.. And an ex who stalks me, and calls me claiming he will leave his new fiancee if I go back to him. However I am living in a western country and as such pre marital sex is not an issue for me as it maybe if i were in Turkey. Confidence is key & conversations with other Turkish female friends - we like to make an impression so we get extra "care" back ;) PS Turkish men have been my greatest experience - probably the "I want to do this/i will do this next" done it! Never had a "bad" experience. Always great and I agree with Maya - someone has to lead and lead well!



April 9th, 2011

I am a woman myself, and the Turkish women I have met in Turkey and abroad have nice manners -always- but are noticeably self-centered when you go a bit deeper. They are, by and large, not shapely and it is true, the nose is usually too big, but quietly attractive all the same if they do not wear a vat of make-up. I like and respect them as such lovely people.
The men are a bit scary! They stare - I have a very good hour-glass figure and have a similar face (I am told) which is a cross between a young Whitney Houston mixed with Halle Berry. What the men do not understand is that a foreign female can actually be visiting Turkey for its culture, history and religious beauty - not to meet men! The men are the hairiest I have seen. A few of them are handsome, but know it, which is off putting. A sincere heart, and gentle and funny character is so much nicer, but a lot of them are just too much, like they have never seen a nice looking brown WOMAN before.
I am polite but embarrassed by their attention, so usually keep away. I have had tea with a couple of them, but they don't seem to understand that it takes time to make friendship no matter how attracted one is to someone. I am sure they must know this, and are always on the look out for foreign women who will be in Turkey for sex and recreation.



March 23rd, 2012

If you dont wanna get in trouble, never touch a Turkish girl. They're waste of time and effort.

About Turkish men, they're quite horny and interested in Russian women generally.

Writing from Turkey.

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