January 21, 2009

Absinthe Negro
Bornova, Turkey

My host, who's apparently taking a little break from school, doesn't usually roll out of bed until past noon or leave the house until after dusk. Onur's extreme-late night lifestyle is a little on the vampiric side, and that's fine by me. I've no desire to go out and run about these city blocks full of apartment buildings anyways. It's decompression time, and Onur's mellow lifestyle (of pirated movies and delivery döner sandwiches) is the prescription.

Easily my favorite name for a woman that I've encountered traveling in this region of the world belongs to one of Onur's friends: Arzu (meaning 'desire' in Turkish). Damn that's a good name.

Arzu and her friend joined us for some drinks this evening, followed by free-admission night at a wildly popular Bornova nightclub (called Ooze Venue) that features young chain-smoking Turks and live music (drums, guitars, and some classic American tunes mixed in with Turkish hits) in a contemporary below-ground club that might be found within any trendy metro city.

My Black Fairy Kicked Your Green Fairy's Ass

I honestly can't find much about this stuff. Apparently it's from Greece and of a high alcohol content than most absinthe. That's about as much as I can ascertain from the largely anonymous bottle, and a Google search that returns next to no proper hits on black absinthe.

Tastes like ouzo.

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