January 24, 2009

Aidric's Walking
Bornova, Turkey

How come just as soon as Aidric leaves my side he starts doing some really entertaining stuff—like walking. Every day I was working with him on getting him to walk independently (without holding our hands or a piece of furniture), but he always took back to crawling by default. Now here we are, only ten days after they leave Turkey, and Aidric's runnin' around the Miami hotel room! Come on!

Excerpts from a Skype IM conversation with Tatiana:

He starts laughing and falls. He looks SO cute!!!

Today he's walking everywhere: from the bed to the table to the kitchen to the bathroom.

Oh! and check this out: he goes in the walk-in closet to poop! He closes the door for privacy and everything, so funny. So now ever time he goes in there (at least three times a day), we know he needs a new diaper. And he hides all his toys (the ones that fit) under the fridge.

But he's actually walking a lot more! Yesterday he didn't crawl at all. And they made our room totally childproof, very nice of them here. I didn't have to hide anything; all the outlets are covered. So we pretty much don't have to worry and he can wander freely.

(in the video you can see Tatiana standing, filmed by Tatiana's mom on her first trip up to the U.S.)

( video: Aidric 'Walking' )

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