February 8, 2009

British Airways' Reparations
Kemer, Turkey

It took nearly two weeks before Tatiana's backpack (checked as luggage for her flight out of Istanbul on Jan 14th) make it to her in Miami. And when it finally did, the length of the bag was split open—a pair of compression straps the only thing keeping the contents of the pack from spilling out completely.

She filed her claim, and after some back-and-forth about having to submit such things with the offices in Lima (not in the U.S.), she got on the phone with someone who could help her. Today she happily shared this letter with me:

Dear Ms Boza,

I am sorry to learn about what happened to your luggage. Thank you for email.

We go to great lengths to look after our customers' belongings at British Airways, and this certainly includes getting every single piece of luggage to the right place at the right time. This is small comfort, I know, for the situation we put you in after your own flight.

In follow up to our telephone conversation, I have arranged for a check to be sent to you under separate cover for $279.

I hope you will choose to fly with British Airways again soon.


Cindy Green
British Airways Regional Baggage Center

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