December 30, 2008

Caracas is the Anus, 'Murder Capital' of the World
Istanbul, Turkey

There's little doubt that I detest the capital of Venezuela. Caracas is a sewer pit of humanity that I do my best to avoid, even in a passing flight at cruising altitude. So today's CNN blurb that the city was named the 'murder capital of the world' was far from a shocker.

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No surprise Caracas named 'murder capital of world' [source]
Foreign Policy magazine said in September that Caracas tops the list of five murder capitals of the world, with an official tally of 130 homicides per 100,000 residents. The city, which is Venezuela's capital, has about 4 million inhabitants.

At least 510 people were killed in Caracas, Venezuela, in December, giving support to a recent report that called the city the murder capital of the world.

"What's worse, the city's official homicide statistics likely fall short of the mark because they omit prison-related murders as well as deaths that the state never gets around to properly 'categorizing.'

"The numbers also don't count those who died while 'resisting arrest,' suggesting that Caracas' cops—already known for their brutality against student protesters—might be cooking the books," the magazine said.

The United States made the magazine's top five, too, with New Orleans, Louisiana coming in at No. 3. Its murder rate is estimated as 67 per 100,000 by its police department and 95 per 100,000 by the FBI.


The United States

Andrés Furia

April 10th, 2010

It would be no exaggeration to claim that Venezuela is in a battle for its soul, a clash between good and evil, having Mr. Chavez as the leader of the later. You, Mr. Heimburger, suffered at the hands of the Chavez's swarm's ill attitude and mentality (all of the airport workers are sworn Chavez supporters, a requirement for employment. Same goes for the police, etc). There is an entirely different set of Venezuelans compromised of warm, civil and kind folk. Caracas and Venezuela are best appreciated with an insider's knowledge and guidance, as it is a place void of tourism culture and know-how. I take exception to you calling my birthplace and hometown an anus and a place that should be nuked (save for Chavez & Co), though I do lament your bad experience in what could be a hellish labyrinth for a soft, naive and pampered hedonist as yourself, who expects a culture to adapt to you instead of the other way around. Hopefully you'll be better prepared for unexpected experiences in unfamiliar places in the future. Not all of the world is a Club Med. Were Chavez not in charge, I have no doubt that the forces of goodwill and civility in Venezuela would prevail in offering you a much more amenable experience. Alas and for the time being, the pleasures of Caracas and Venezuela will remain relatively inaccessible to those without inside contacts and knowledge, which is a shame for such a beautiful country with warm friendly people. We hope the forces of good will overcome and prevail in Venezuela and allow the best in Venezuelans to flourish.


Moisés González

March 5th, 2011

Hi whoever wrote this,

I am a little disconcert about the fact that this person called Caracas as a "sewer pit of humanity" I don't care what he could've suffered or whatever experience he could've lived here, but anyway, personally I think, he should respect it! First, Caracas is a city where thousands of people live. I also live here, I know Caracas isn't a safe place to live, I have to hadle with this dayly, but anyway, there are better words to name or refer to Caracas, "Anus, sewer" are not appropiate words for any city in the world! I am not saying caracas isn't dangerous, it is, and sadly it is one of the most dangerous places in the world… But please watch you words…

Moisés González.



March 7th, 2011

I don't take these words as an insult.I am venezuelan and i know what my country is going through.But my opinions would have more weight,if i wasn't the kind of person that hates it here. I truly want to live off the Latinamerican world.

The country is crap,institutions are crap.People have this me-first mentallity and don't care if they shit in their plate. I wouldn't recommend traveling here. Not even the small towns and far away beaches that may seem "safe".
There is nothing here except selfish people and a huge social class gap.

The United States


April 13th, 2011

No more or less selfish people exist in Caracas than in any otjer country, selfishness does not stop at the borders of any country.

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