January 18, 2009

CouchSurfing Potluck
Bursa, Turkey

"Wow, IT guys usually don't cook as wonderfully as you do—they're typically better at ordering pizza." -Timur, pleased with my skills in the kitchen

This evening I introduced some folks in town to concept of a potluck—everyone cooks a dish, brings it to the party, and we all eat and drink each other's yummy foodstuffs.

For the event I bused out my fun take on a Peruvian dish called papas doradas (golden potatoes). (update: you can now find my recipe for it here)

Additionally, I made up a batch of twice-baked potatoes. This is where you bake potatoes in the oven, scoop the innards out (leaving just the shells) to make a regular bowl of mashed potatoes, then put the mashed goodness back into the little potato canoes. Top with cheese and put 'em back in the oven.

Volkan, bound for trip to Latin American with his brother in a few weeks, brought an egg-based dish that I think typically has its place for breakfasts. Timur and his (rather silent) buddy brought beer, handmade raviolis (stuffed with sweet jelly, learned from a Slovakian guest) and a delicious mushroom-based concoction that was perfect topping for my twice-baked potatoes.

Good conversation and great food. That's one for the win column.

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