February 9, 2009

Interviewed by Turkish Journalist, Made the Local Paper
Kemer, Turkey

Saffet and my CouchSurfing host Hasan

Saffet Yenigün, the editor of the newspaper Kemer Gözcü (Kemer Watch), has known my host for a long time. This morning he was over looking at the lens that Hasan had accidently broken on his Nikon two nights prior, when he took interest in my being in Kemer. We'd all been chitchatting over breakfast, and it wasn't long before the passive conversation into a full-blown story for the paper.

He says it'll appear in both print and online tomorrow (the latter supposedly receiving some 150,000 readers per day according to Saffet—though I can't imagine such a thing, maybe per month).

"American Nomad in Kemer"

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