January 15, 2009

Rural Bursa
Bursa, Turkey

Timur's living room

My host is living on the edge of Bursa's perimeter urban growth. This apartment building (which I think looks like more like a hotel) and most of the neighboring structures are new enough not to show up on the Google Maps satellite imagery.

Although Bursa is a large, bustling metro, the neighborhood in these parts is hardly urbanized. It's actually quite refreshing to be close enough to the city to have access to the supporting infrastructure, but far enough away that you're still seeing more tractors and sheep than cars and pedestrians. It's relaxing, mellow, and exactly the pace and peace I need for this particular moment.

For your visual enjoyment, I present to you snapshots from rural Bursa:

(scroll left and right on the panorama below, taken from my host's balcony)

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