January 15, 2009

Tatiana's Flight Delayed?
Bursa, Turkey

Wow—so I just called the Miami Hotel Tatiana should've arrived at yesterday evening and discovered that she hadn't checked in yet. The manager recounted that she called from London, reporting that her flight out of Turkey was delayed to a point where she missed her connection to Miami (there was a two-hour, 10 minute scheduled layover at Heathrow). Apparently she's arriving at 20:00 Eastern time today, some 26 hours later than she should've been.

Oh man, she's gotta be pissed. We didn't pack much food for Aidric this time around (as we did far too much on the trip out to Eastern Europe from the States), so I hope the two managed okay.

I imagine British Airways (who she was flying all the way back to Miami) put them up in a hotel for the night. She can be quite fiery when she gets worked up—especially with airlines.

Update: Morning of Jan 16

I awoke to find a message from Tatiana in my inbox, sent only three hours prior (sent very late, Miami time). She'd replied to the large 'Tatiana Delayed?' e-mail thread that I'd started with both her family and my own yesterday.

You have no idea what I just went through… All, I'll tell you for the time being is that it's 11pm and I have just checked in to the hotel—with NO BAGS… but we're physically (not emotionally) ok. I hate being away from Craig… more news later, sorry.

One of her sisters wrote to me as well:

Mom is talking with Tati and Aidric right now. They're both fine, tired, but fine. So everything is ok except for their luggage, it's in London I think. I don't know about details, all I know is that they're both fine. Hugs.

What a mess. And all this to happen on her first overseas trip alone with Aidric. Yeesh.


The United States


March 8th, 2009

The wonders of missed connections. You almost never get your checked baggage if you get stuck at midpoint on an itinerary. Frustrating but it is what it is.

Perhaps this will be the lesson learned for her to never, ever travel with any bag that requires checking unless you absolutely have zero choice in the matter? Better off paying to ship large items ahead of time via FedEx in my opinion. At least you get a tracking number.

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