March 6, 2009

The Calm Before the Momentum
Mersin, Turkey

I know that as soon as I leave Mersin I'm going to start a rather fast-paced whirlwind of travel that isn't going to end for at least a month. Leaving Mersin means that I'll be heading to my last city in Turkey, and after that, it'll be Syria, Lebanon, back to Syria, and down to Jordan, before heading west into Israel to rendezvous with Tatiana and Aidric (flying in on their long journey from the Americas).

But after a week of enjoying the company of my excellent host, his comfortable apartment, and the other teams of CouchSurfers that have sometimes stayed in the flat concurrently with me, it's time to move on. Should I delay much longer in Turkey I'm going to be mixing too much travel over too short a duration of time. Even though it's still a month away, I'm already feeling the compression from the Tel Aviv deadline.

Movies, wine and wireless Internet, courtesy of my host, Vedat…

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