March 5, 2009

Traveling East Until We Reach West
Mersin, Turkey

Last May I sketched out an idea of where I was thinking about traveling in 2008 and 2009. For the most part this has played out as expected, minus a few twists and few turns.

Since announcing my intention to return to the States for a visit in the first half of 2010 (for my little bro's medical school graduation), I've been thinking of getting us back to the U.S. before Aidric's second birthday (next January 10th) because of the cost of his ticket. The saving could be very significant, because children two years of age no longer qualify for in-lap fares.

Here's an example from an itinerary that I pulled off Expedia, from Bangkok to Portland, Oregon:

1 Adult: $828.00
1 Child: $643.00
Taxes & Fees: $139.20
Airfare total: $1,610.20


A complication is that neither Tatiana nor I are really fond of the winter these days, and Glenn's graduation thing isn't until several months later.

We'll just have to see how this all develops later this year, and how we're sitting both mentally and financially.

Oh, and as for the path… We'll probably finish off the Middle East with Egypt, over to India, and then onward to SE Asia. I don't really enjoy the notion of India in the middle of summer, but that's probably how it'll play out.




March 25th, 2009

and going back to Florida first??? at least the weather is better… and also.. how much is lap fare???? because 600 hundres for a 2 year old… like you said.. ouch! i mean we know Aidric is big but c' mon!



March 29th, 2009

Generally, an infant not occupying a seat is charged 10% of the adult fare. A child (ages 2-11 for most airlines), or an infant that you choose to buy a seat for, is charged 75% of the adult fare. So yeah - your savings are going to be huge if you travel before Aidric hits 2.

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