March 7, 2009

Turks and Their Love of Lemon-Scented Alcohol Washes
─░skenderun, Turkey

It would seem that anyone that's got experience with Turkey can laugh with you about the country's obsession with lemon scented alcohol. No, it's not for drinking, but used as some sort of hand sanitizer (…but taken to an extreme level).

Each and every bus that I've been on has an attendant that strolls up and down the aisle, dumping a quantity of the liquid into outstretched palms. Restaurants also favor the practice of the stuff, typically offered at the end of your meal, before leaving the establishment.

But the real joke of the practice is the ridiculous amount of alcohol that they dump in your hands, and how Turks practically bathe themselves with it—on the face, behind the neck, on their arms…


The United States


March 27th, 2009

Haha my childhood is coming back to me. The turks also put this over mosquito bites

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