April 10, 2008

Aidric's First Three Months
Miami Beach, United States

I was traveling in northern Peru when Aidric turned a month old. Tatiana wrote me an amusing e-mail listing out some of his attributes (which I happily shared). With today marking the completion of Aidric's third month (13 weeks, if you want to get specific), I asked her if she wouldn't mind writing a few more thoughts on our son…

I recently found a list I had written titled "things to do before Aidric is born". It was written by the beginning of December and included making a bag, sheets and towels for him. The bag was left in Lima, but he still sleeps on the sheets and gets dried with the towels after three months of use. Our beautiful son is hitting the three-month mark and these are his little but very important developmental milestones:

  • he loves to look at himself in the mirror, and many times he "talks" to his reflection
  • he demands to be put in a position that allows him to watch TV (such a little television junkie!)
  • he enjoys looking at the mobile that my mom made for him, smiling if somebody makes it move
  • now he actually looks at the book when I read for him, and he "talks" about it with me
  • he demands to be taken out for a daily stroll
  • if it's too bright, and he wants to nap, he'll cry (unless we cover his eyes with a sleeping mask)
  • if he wakes up by himself he does it with a smile. if someone else wakes him up it'd better be with food or he'll be furious (just like mommy!)
  • he loves going to the beach, but gets bored if we stay too long (and for Aidric too long is more than 45 minutes)
  • he's outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothes
  • he now qualifies as an assisted sitter—he sits up holding our hands
  • he still loves a bath and massage
  • he absolutely loves pigging out
  • it might be my motherly imagination, but I could swear he sometimes says "mamá"! (yes, in spanish, OK?)
  • he's definitely overcome his not-the-mamma stage and LOVES his daddy. there's always a huge smile for daddy

No, Craig, I'm not baby-crazy, but I'm absolutely Aidric-crazy.


The United States

Craig | travelvice.com

April 12th, 2008

I should probably add that we still have no idea what Aidric's eye color will be (and that the current colors of his eyes are particularly hard to describe). The area closest to his pupil sometimes looks a bit brown/amber/hazel, with the remainder of the iris looking a green / steel-blue gray in color.

My favorite three parts of Aidric, listed in preference: 1) His little feet; 2) His little tongue; 3) His little hands (which even have little hairs on the fingers, just below the knuckles, just like dad).

Although he might come off as tan or dark-skinned in some photos, he's actually about as white as a Brit on the beach. Entertainingly, most every Latina or Spanish-speaking woman comments to Tatiana on how white her baby is.

His hair looks a little dark from a distance, but upon closer inspection is actually a sandy blonde—a color matched on his cute little eyelashes. Oddly, he seems to have a little spot between his forehead and left ear where his hair grows a slightly darker shade—Tatiana says that his patch of darker hair is the only part of him that's hers (with the rest as a successful cloning on my part).

He also sports a reddish birthmark on the back of his head towards his neck that looks almost identical to the one my father has.

His fingernails also grow very fast, and we're always trimming them whilst he sleeps.

We're not sure what is length and weight are, but seems to be taller than average, and is plenty heavy (but not chubby). He's exceptionally healthy, with no skin problems or illnesses. I suppose we'll eventually be taking him in to get checked out anyways, though.

We've bonded quite a bit in the past month, and love that he smiles when I get within eyesight.

He's quite adorable… when he's not crying.


Melissa B.P

April 12th, 2008

Aidric!!!! Happy three moths!!! We were talking about him yesterday, even Christiancito was talking about his cousin. Kisses for him.

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