May 14, 2008

Collection of Travelogues
Miami Beach, United States

I received an e-mail that Travelvice was tossed on a rather extensive listing of the '100 Best Travel Journal Blogs', under the category of Photo Journal. Although links to this site aren't uncommon (or by any means unappreciated), I did enjoy perusing the rather large collection of (English) travelogues. One site listed made me smile with a recent entry noting their inclusion:

Well, I'm mighty proud to have been included in this here list of the Best 100 Travel Blogs… someone has clearly been busy Googling… My only slight concern is the name of the host domain '' (I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of a live link) which is a site entirely dedicated to giving people free air miles on their credit cards. The fact that they list on the top 100 just goes to show these folk have no sense of irony. Spend your way to climate oblivion with us!

Quite a few of these I've seen before, but of those I haven't, there was something about the following peaked my curiosity enough to make me dog-ear them for later:


The United States


May 15th, 2008

link bait!


maryam in marrakesh

May 16th, 2008

Yes, I saw that very suspicious domain name, too:-(

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