June 1, 2008

Consolidated Listing of U.S. Department of State Country Entry and Exit Requirements
Miami Beach, United States

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This document is intended to aid American passport holders brainstorming for upcoming travel. Playing connect-the-countries doesn't always work for overland travel the way we'd like it to. Sometimes one crafts a journey on paper, only to discover a visa requirement will impede an intended route.

Internet connections aren't always persistent, convenient, or affordable for a traveler. As such, this document was created as a crutch for offline travel planning.

It should be noted that U.S. Department of State travel information relating to the entry and exit requirements for dual nationality holders, military personnel, contractors, and children have generally been removed. That is to say, the text has been modified for purposes of practicality. Be sure to consult the Bureau of Consular Affairs Web site regarding the details of all specific countries of interest before making any travel decisions.


The United States


June 4th, 2008

wow… this is awesome… thanks for compiling it!

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