March 27, 2008

Eiffel Tower Turns 120, into Space Needle
Miami Beach, United States

Eiffel Tower turned Space Needle

Next year, in celebration of the Eiffel Tower's 120th anniversary, the iconic structure will get a temporary, upgraded observation deck made out of carbon Kevlar.

The Eiffel tower in Paris suffers from its success. Since its creation the amount of visitors coming to reach its top has increased to reach its limit capacity. 6.5 million People wait between 35 minutes to over an hour to reach the elevators. The floor area of each level decreases with the height because of the tower geometry, resulting in very long waiting lines and crowd management problems.

Our project will extend the top floor plate of the tower by grafting a high performance carbon Kevlar structure on it. The structure will be temporarily bolted to the slab without requiring any modification of the existing structure.

I suppose this thing will be removed after the celebrations, but temporary modifications often have a tendency to be turned into permanent features. I wonder what the locals think about turning the symbol of their country into the Seattle Space Needle, even for a short period of time.

Many more concept renderings can be found on the Serero Architects Web site, the winners of an open competition to redesign any of the Eiffel Tower's public reception and access areas.


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