June 18, 2008

ERGObaby Carrier for Traveling Parents
Miami Beach, United States

I'm starting to wrangle up some of the new gear that Tatiana and I will need to travel with an infant, and one of the top priorities that needed to be taken care of is how best to move about with our little one.

No strollers. Not gonna do it. It's not practical from a logistical standpoint, or for walking around in the alleyways of Istanbul.

We needed something that still kept our mobility—a carrying harness that could be worn on travel days with Aidric in the front and backpack on the rear—and our dignity. I wanted something that was functionally convenient, would continue support Aidric as he grows, and worked in both front-carry and back-carry modes (because I think even the most masculine of men look like a bitch with a kid strapped to their front).

Months ago Tatiana had purchased something similar in Peru for only $5—a real steal considering how attractive and well-made the carrying harness is—but its design placed too much weight on her shoulders. She couldn't wear it for long before she began feeling discomfort.

I poked around online looking for a replacement, reading through a few message forums and review sites, before deciding on the ERGObaby Carrier.

Their Web site says the carrier should generally be used up to a 40-pound child, but has been tested up to 90. I'm sure our 16-pound Aidric will be walking alongside us (hopefully with his own little backpack) long before he reaches that point.

Aidric's a happy ERGObaby

We've walked around Miami Beach with Aidric in the carrier, and he loves it (he thinks he's actually getting carried in our arms, which he digs). Tatiana absolutely loves how the waist support strap keeps all the weight off her shoulders, and the built-in sun/sleeping shade cover.

My only concern is that there's no separation between baby and your shirt, so there's sweat from body heat/contact issues, as well as the inevitable diaper overflow. Tatiana thinks the ERGObaby carrier wasn't really designed with a Latina's body in mind (Aidric's a little smooshed between the carrier and her breasts), but has absolutely no reservations about traveling with it.

The carrier isn't cheap: Around $110 with shipping—a far cry from the price paid for our harness in Peru. But thanks to my generous parents and grandparents, we weren't left for want. We're going to be using this item daily for many, many months, and I'm sure we'll be happy doing just that.


The United States


July 7th, 2008

We have the ERGObaby, too, and I liked it for the same reason — the weight on the waist, not on the shoulders. We haven't used it with Maggie on the back often, but as she is now taller, will probably make the switch.

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