March 25, 2008

Essential Backpacking Equipment: Can Opener
Miami Beach, United States

Much like the reasoning behind carrying a mosquito net that you might only use once a year, when you really need a can opener, you really need it.

I learned this lesson the hard way in Latin America, and when I passed through the United States in the spring of 2007, I picked up this little number at an army surplus store:

It's small—about the size of a house key—and collapses down on itself. Dad tells me this is the same type of tool that he used to open his rations when he served in the U.S. Army, before I was born. I believe they're called P-38 or P-51 can openers.

Best of all, airport security doesn't seem to notice it or care, as I've taken it in my backpack on more than two dozen flights, and only once has a U.S. TSA officer inspected it, and returned it to me—rather silly, seeing how you can't even take nail clippers onto planes these days for fear of cutting something… like the pilot's hangnail, perhaps.


The United States

Chris Smith

March 31st, 2008

Hobotraveler Andy Graham sent me a half dozen of the larger P-51's. I am truly setup now to eat out of cans in some place where that's the norm…like Belize.

From reading your blog, messaging Andy - noting his interest in the Dominican Republic, I see living the beach life there is cheaper than Miami's.

Well, tuanis.

- Chis Smith

The United States


September 29th, 2009

I've had one for 25 years now, got in in basic training. It is the one piece of equipment I won't leave home without.

The United States


October 22nd, 2009

Its funny someone here mentioned Andy the Hobotraveler as a source for gear.
He's not a bad writer, but very few people know the real story about him. Hobo is actually the twin brother of famous American actor William H Macy. His drinking and obsessive traveling and blog writing are a result of his disappointment and bitterness about his and his brother’s original plans to develop a comedy act together. Bill lost interest, started taking acting lessons, and made it big, while Andy was left behind. Andy (Hobo) is only now finding peace in his heart, and recently reunited with Bill after 22 years of not speaking to him. A heartwarming story, when you think about it….

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