March 30, 2008

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Miami Beach, United States

About a month ago I was approached by an American author (and Travelvice travelogue reader) seeking content for a book he's putting together. Here's an excerpt of some of our conversation:

What I am trying to achieve with these topics is to demonstrate that by putting yourself in unfamiliar terrain, out of your "known" lifestyle, you really can learn some important life lessons. The book is based on personal stories and anecdotes from the far corners of the world. I am looking for travels that have changed your perspective on how you deal with situations or people. How you have learned to communicate better or used your head to think your way out of a situation you did not want to be in.

I will be contributing roughly a third of the content for the book. The book will be broken down into 7 sections, with about 3 stories per section. I have received lots of stories, but a lot do not fit with what I am seeking.

The book will be published; I have had experience in launching a few books so far, (not mine) so I have a publisher that I trust and like doing business with. I would like to launch in June, so depending on peoples schedule, that is either a lot of time or not enough time :)

As I said before, I really have enjoyed reading you, I think you have a great voice and ear for travel writing and observation. You would be a welcome addition to the book.

I find myself struggling a bit to decide what to do with the interesting offer. My father says that "when a door of opportunity is presented, open it. You never know where it will lead—contacts, notoriety, etc." But others I've told don't like the idea of giving away content for free or investing time in a piece that might not materialize in the publication.

I'm still a far cry away from getting the advert revenue on this site up to a level where it makes much positive impact on my monthly expenses—perhaps generating only as much as meager $2-4 per day. And unless I can stop hemorrhaging money, I'll probably be penniless by the end of next year. …Hopefully I won't reach that point.

So, as flattered as I am, and as much as I'd like to spend time writing content that might open doors, I just don't know if I see it happening. I really don't have that much free time during the day (most of it is spent as my son's personal slave), and when I do have several consecutive moments of peace I want to spend it writing for the travelogue or growing the Compendium.

We shall see.


The United States

Nick Hager

April 22nd, 2008

Hey Craig,

I see you are weighing your options in regards to my offfer for some content for the book. I agree with your Dad!…I realize $$ would be the best, but i am spending lots of money on the project and it WILL be great promotion and a different way to get your great material in front of a new audience.

I can find a entry you have already written and we can expand upon that..not much to it at all.

Hope all is well.

Alll the best,


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