April 3, 2008

Hotel Video Preview
Miami Beach, United States

The TVtrip.com Web site

I received a piece of e-mail today that I nearly dumped as spam, but decided to give read anyway. The item turned out to be sent to me by Hanni Itah, working public relations for her client, TVtrip.com—the "hotel videoguide".

Currently sporting over 4,300 video clips of hotels, TVtrip looks like it is seeking to establish itself as a hotel reservation portal that lets you check out your potential digs using a brief montage of video clips taken in and around the hotel.

TVtrip is a new kind of website that uses video to provide travelers with the transparency they need when planning a trip. Who hasn’t felt a bit lost trying to pick a hotel, with little information and no visuals to help? Or disappointed by a hotel room that doesn’t live up to the impression it made when it was reserved? We created TVtrip.com to give people a true, objective idea of a hotel before making a reservation—we like to show you everything so that you can check out your hotel before you check-in. We do not alter the videos in any way and all our videos have been shot by TVtrip professionals rather than by the hotels themselves. We also include videos of local attractions such as restaurants and landmarks alongside other local information, as well as guest reviews to help you make the right hotel choice for you.

Sniffing around a little, I read that the TVtrip raised nearly $5 million USD in venture capital investments early last year, and was founded by four former managers of Expedia (Europe), as well as a handful of other staffers from Air France, Lufthansa, Microsoft, and Lycos.

It should be noted that this type of offering isn't unique. There are several other sites out there working off the same business model, though none seem to have the financial backing that TVtrip has raised.

My buddy Andy was telling me late last year to make videos of five-star hotels, and live for free in them whilst doing so.

Short video clips will clearly play an important part in previewing hotel and hostels in the upcoming years—although I have doubts that TVtrip will have any lasting value. The site will eventually accrue enough videos that it will be bought out by Expedia or Travelocity (or some other larger hotel booking outfit) so that TVtrip content can be folded into their own video preview services. Either way, the content is still good for the consumer.


The United States

Nomadic Matt

April 7th, 2008

Hey, Love the site. I did 18 months of solid travel and in a few months will be heading back out again to do another 18 more. I have 29 countries under my belt so far.

I just began my own travel blog. http://www.nomadicmatt.com

I have my blog and over 3,500 photos up on the site so far. I also have travel articles I've written up too. Come check it out sometime.

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