May 15, 2008

Infant Sunglasses
Miami Beach, United States

My light-colored eyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight, and I often end up wearing sunglasses for comfort when I'm outside. Aidric gets to go outdoors about as often as someone can take him, and we've noticed he can get fussy when it's too bright (which can be problematic when he's in the stroller while we're trying to lie out on the beach).

Aidric, to the EXTREME!

A little Internet sleuthing uncovered what seemed to be a pretty neat product called Baby Banz—infant-sized sunglasses with an adjustable Neoprene strap. Assuming they don't get lost or broken, $15 sounded pretty doable for a pair that would still fit Aidric as he grew (rated for 0–2 years of age).

I particularly like how they provide 100% UVA and UVB ray protection, and that he doesn't seem to mind them on his face (he doesn't pick at them or try to pull them off). Aidric's such a stallion.

A pair of these would make a nice gift for parents or kids.

Tip: When a site accepts coupons at the time of checkout, always Google for them. I received $3 off using a code found on this popular coupon-sharing site.


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May 16th, 2008

Why is it so much more difficult to find complete wrap-around glasses like that for adults? Its nice to be able to block out sunlight and UVA/UVB from all angles.

Of course I wear glasses with a strong prescription so I'm limited and have to pay a high price for prescription sunglasses. Hate contacts, still hesitant on the huge expense of LASIK. Ah well.

And on a completely unrelated note - when I want to come straight to your website, I always mistakenly begin typing craigslist. :)

The United States

Craig |

May 16th, 2008

hehe –

Hey Erik, I know of a place there in Phoenix (Scottsdale, near Tempe to be exact) that sells good prescription sunglasses (with lens & frame) for around $30. Best price I've seen anywhere (I think $10 more gets you a UV treated lens). I've used them for years, grabbing two pair when I passed through PHX last year.

Lesco Optical
2515 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
(480) 947-7441

The United States


May 19th, 2008

Too cute! I ordered a pair for my friend's grandbaby.

The United States

Lynsey Goins

October 6th, 2009

I have 15 month old twin daughters. One of them has a "lazy" eye and does not like wearing her glasses so her Ophthamologist ordered Atropine Drops to dilate her pupils and force her to look into her glasses to see. Unfortunately, she cannot go outside now. Is there anyplace in Phoenix, AZ area that sells Baby Banz or infant clip-on sunglasses? I don't want to order them on-line becasue of the wait time to get them? Thank you.

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