March 26, 2008

Miami Beach Lifeguard Tower Art
Miami Beach, United States

Retired (wacky) lifeguard tower design

Apparently after 1992's fierce Hurricane Andrew (a Category 5 storm ranked as the second most destructive in U.S. history), an architect named William Lane donated his design services to the city by adding a creative twist to the standard lifeguard station. His handful of towers in the South Beach area instantly became symbols of a revived Miami Beach. Nearly two decades later, a few of the original towers can still be found standing, but many of the questionable concepts have been replaced with more practical designs.

Decorated lifeguards towers are now not just limited to South Beach alone. It seems that most every tower along Miami Beach—from the cargo ship jetty all the way up to 85th street (about 8 miles)—has received at least a colorful paintjob, if not some crazy stuff tacked to the outside of the station.

I really enjoy the creatively dolled up lifeguard stations of Miami Beach—along with many of the other (ahem) visual delights found around here—and decided to collect and share a large sampling of South Beach's lifeguard tower artwork. Enjoy.

South Beach Lifeguard Tower Art

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