November 3, 2005

Pumpkins and Sandcastles
Phoenix, United States

Last weekend I caught a quick (one hour) flight from Phoenix to San Diego to explore what Halloween festivities were like in a California beach town.

I spent the entirety of my trip (Oct 29–Nov 1) in Pacific Beach, usually no more than a few hundred yards from the shoreline. Although it was a bit chilly in the evenings, the hospitality of friends (and a smidge of alcohol) went a long way towards keeping me warm.

Upon arriving on Saturday afternoon I learned that I had missed quite the party the night before, so much so that my buddy Steve (one of my brother's best and longest friends) was still dozing when I called him to grab me from the airport. About an hour and a half (and several chapters from The Practical Nomad) later, I was swooped up and we were off to start the celebrations.

I didn't care to pack much in the way of a costume, so I ended up buying some hospital scrubs from a little medical supply specialty shop by my place in Phoenix; however, Steve and his housemate Jesse had constructed great Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street) outfits to wear. These guys were a total hit; everyone was going nuts over their costumes.

Evenings were filled with house parties, bars, drinking, dancing, and general amusement; days were spent on or about the beach, boardwalk, and shops. Although the nightlife was a little tamer than I had expected, I really enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to see friends and acquaintances once more before heading out of the country in December.



November 13th, 2005

I was always partial to Burt…the nerds always have a wild side.

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