July 12, 2008

Student ID for Discounts
Miami Beach, United States

My ISIC card

Tatiana and I each got ourselves an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) yesterday, thanks to a legitimate travel agent here in Miami who could care less about verifying (our non-existent) proof of full-time degree enrollment. The $22/person spent on the card (which expires a year from now) will surely pay it back several times over, as everything from buses and ferries to hostels and cultural sites (like the Egyptian Pyramids) can be discounted heavily for students carrying an acceptable ID.


The United States


July 12th, 2008

I used my ISIC at the pyramids and the Egyptian museum and saved enough to almost cover the cost of the ID there alone. In Europe its better for museum entrances, possibly public transport, and other odds and ends. When I was in eastern Europe I found it only helped at very limited places, but helpful all the same.

The United States


July 12th, 2008

Hey, I'm looking to go back to school. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience at the University of Arizona State… lol… Ass.

The Netherlands


August 14th, 2008

Using your student ID in Western Europe gives amazing discounts on daily transport. Including the Inter-railing card…
Also many restaurants, cinemas and shops give discounts, but normally only the kinds of places students are interested in going to as it depends on the USIT organization in each country as to what discounts they organize in each area with local businesses and attractions.


Craig | travelvice.com

August 14th, 2008

Thanks for the thoughts Claire — looking forward to seeing how it works out.

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