June 15, 2008

Three Generations, First Father's Day
Miami Beach, United States

I'm not really one for Hallmark holidays, but today's Father's Day was certainly one to remember.

Three generations…

Not only is it my first year as such, but also the day my family arrived in town. Converging on Miami for 7–10 days (and staying at a hotel about 10 miles to our north) will be my dad, step-mom, brother, brother's girlfriend, aunt (dad's sister), and her two children (now in college).

Today marks the first time any of them have met Tatiana, and of course there's their greatly anticipated introductions to our son Aidric. It's been about a decade since we've all been together in the same spot, and the addition of a few new faces is sure to keep us busy catching up and getting acquainted.

For Father's Day this year I gave my dad a grandson. :)

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