May 3, 2007

Travelvice in Your Inbox
Vancouver, United States

The option of adding yet another e-mail to your already crowded inbox…

I recognize that everyone has a preference for how they wish to receive information updates (such as news). Some folks like (or need) to have such information brought to the forefront of their attention, whereas others simply want to fetch it when it's convenient for them to do so.

When information is pushed in front of you, like an e-mail, it forces you to react to it—read it, delete it, store it for later. Web sites are passive, waiting for you to visit them to see if the content has been updated—you pull the information to you when you're ready.

A blended push/pull medium has been developed in recent years, known as really simple syndication—RSS. Some Web sites, such as this one, broadcast a chronological content feed of updates. An RSS aggregator (also known as a feed or news reader) is then used to subscribe and manage multiple feeds, essentially creating a single source for you to retrieve the news and content updates of your favorite Web sites.

The decision to offer RSS an feed is a touchy one for many Web site operators. RSS allows people to pull the content from a Web site without ever visiting the site, thus side-stepping the advertising that makes the business profitable. As a response, some sites insert advertising directly into the content of the feed, whereas others only feed you the first two or three sentences of a larger update (forcing the reader to visit the site if they want to see the rest of the content).

Travelvice has offered its loyal readers an advertising-free, full-content RSS feed since its inception, and will continue to do so. In fact, I've added another delivery modality to the mix, so that regular readers have the option to view content updates, in the format they choose, no matter what their preference.

Subscribing to Travelvice in Your Inbox is rather painless, and SPAM-free. Simply click on the appropriate link on the right-hand side of this page, and enter a delivery address. Once a day, between the hours of 9–11 EST an e-mail will be delivered. No updates, no e-mail.

Of course, it would be my preference that you visit the site, as reader comments, proper page formatting/picture integration, and other items of interest will stripped from the correspondence. What will be delivered is simply a lightly formatted e-mail of my writings, put in front of you to react to (and enjoy).

Note: Comments are open to everyone. To reduce spam and reward regular contributors, only submissions from first-time commenters and/or those containing hyperlinks are moderated, and will appear after approval. Hateful or off-topic remarks are subject to pruning. Your e-mail address will never be publicly disclosed or abused.