May 1, 2008

USB TV Tuner Review Request
Miami Beach, United States

I'm not sure what's up—looks like my name and e-mail address have been gobbled up and assimilated into a list purchased by agencies working public relations in the travel industry. The floodgate has been opened. What use to be maybe only an e-mail a month has now found me receiving several announcements and offers a week—none of which repeats from the same company. Here's one I received from Kellie Connors:

Hauppauge Digital’s new WinTV-HVR-950Q is a small, portable USB TV tuner "stick" which can be used to watch and record digital/analog cable TV and over-the-air HDTV on a laptop or desktop PC. The unit comes with: Premium certified drivers for use with Vista Media Center, WinTV 6 (lets Window users watch, pause or record analog or digital TV on their PC) and a remote control—which makes the entire package compact and ready for traveling.

Can I send you a WinTV-HVR-950Q to try for a possible story?

My friend Tristan says, "How are you supposed to review something that you would normally not even care about when you are traveling?"

True, the items in my pack are tailored for long-duration travel abroad, but I'm always interested in sampling new technologies and products out there associated with travel, and figure I'll put the stable address I've got in Miami to use while I've got it. I'm sure this little tuner will get a better picture quality than the five snowy channels on the TV in this hotel room anyway.

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